Two blogs ago, Jurgen wondered about how copyright is handeled when you take a picture from a picture.
So, I consulted my former media law teacher Piet Martens at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent. His explanation: It is the journalistic right to quote (“journalistiek citaatrecht”): You can reproduce a piece of expressive art completely or partly when you report about news facts, on the condition that you provide the source and author.

So, as I mention the photographer and the exhibition in order to draw your attention to the photographer, I see no problem. It is like announcing the newest photobook of Vanfleteren and showing an image of the exhibition. It stays a thin line, though.


2 Reacties

  1. Thanks for looking it up. It is indeed a thin line that we often walk. As with everything, as long as there is no claim made by the photographer (or the person who took the “photographed photograph”, there is no problem.

    februari 27, 2008 om 11:37 am

  2. MJ

    Tof dat je dat even hebt nagevraagd, ik begon na de reactie van Jurgen te twijfelen, het antwoord bevestigt mijn vermoeden!

    februari 28, 2008 om 11:24 am

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