B&W challenge

Some friend on Facebook tagged me for the B&W challenge. It means I have to posta B&W picture 5 days in a row and nominate every day somebody else to do the same. 5 days in a row I won’t manage because this is harder then I thought, but I’ll try to get 5 images.

Here is what I posted till now.


Audrey Heartburn




De Veerman and me, we go a long way. 

They want to stimulate people in creativity and experiencing art but they do it in a non-traditional way.

Along the years, I went from student to teacher and I have done many photography projects for them. 

One of their newest projects is called Satie&Cie and they made it together with Jeugd en Muziek Antwerpen.

It’s a dance and music performance about the French composer Erik Satie, made and played by young people.

I joined the group for an afternoon to make pics for their poster and flyers and I loved it!

It was absurd, surrealistic and with a lot of humor. The way I like it!

And it was so easy to get the shoot done. Everything I asked, they went for. 

If you want to go and see them, check www.jeugdenmuziekantwerpen.be/tickets





Holy communion: not the topic I photograph often but I do like it. If I can do it my way. 😉
N.’s mum liked the ideas I proposed and N. agreed from the moment she saw the helium filled balloons I brought.
This image was made as a snapshot but eventually it even made it as the pic for the invitations. The more traditional ones are saved for the thank you cards.






On Dec. 25th, when it was already dark and cold, I shot some promo pics for Ikul. It’s a young Spanish duo that makes electronical music and soundscapes for movies.

They’re constantly working on new material and their new website needed some photo material so we explored the concrete of Madrid.

It was a fun night with two incredibly patient guys and a great assistant.

The official pics will be shown soon, but I already wanted to share this behind the scenes snapshot.



Transformer SD card

The new Samsung memory cards are like little Transformers: Super durable, waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof and x-ray proof.
And they have a cool ad.




Een dure camera, een website/blog en een lijst klanten wil nog niet zeggen dat je ook echt een professioneel fotograaf ben. Al durven sommigen anders beweren. 

You Are Not A Photographer verzamelt foto’s die op websites staan van fotografen die zich als pro’s aanbieden.

Sommigen zijn creatief met Photoshop, anderen bedenken dan weer de meest inventieve poses en composities. 

Ik moet denken aan de vele Vlaamse voorbeelden die ik als fotoredacteur al zien passeren heb en bedenk dat het nog altijd erger kan…