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B&W challenge

Some friend on Facebook tagged me for the B&W challenge. It means I have to posta B&W picture 5 days in a row and nominate every day somebody else to do the same. 5 days in a row I won’t manage because this is harder then I thought, but I’ll try to get 5 images.

Here is what I posted till now.


Audrey Heartburn



Nepal – Anapurna




Massa’s duiven op het plein om brood te geven, maar het kereltje had alleen oog voor die ene hond.
Lots of pigeons on the square to give bread to, but the little guy was only interested in that one dog.


Edit: Op aanraden van Artur: een zwart-witversie, en ze is inderdaad sterker.
At the suggestion of Artur: a BW version, and it works indeed better.