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Review: Sony Alpha 7r

I was looking for a new camera already for some time. My D700 is still a good camera, but it has some wear an tear and I could tell also that the images aren’t living up anymore to what I expect these days. So, time to get some new toys.

When I made the decision, the new D810 and the D750 weren’t out yet and I was also looking for something lighter and smaller so I could take it easier with me.

I heard some good reviews from those mirrorless cameras so I decided to go for one of these. A lot of colleagues suggested a Fuji, but since I’m quite acquainted with Sony gear I was considering that brand too. Ann Glorieus of Sony Belgium was to kind to lend me an Alpha 7r for the duration of a trip to Fuerteventura.

Back home I decided to order one right away. I was that happy with the quality!

Okay, it isn’t as fast as a new Nikon at full speed, but photographing in a slower way made me think more and made me make better images too. I still have my Nikon for fast photography, but I don’t need it that often.

The images I make with my Alpha are crisp sharp, even at high ISO levels my pics stay clean and I love, love, love the colours it shows. I’ve used the flip screen already more than I would have thought and since it is so small, I carry it with me all the time and I make more images.

I guess eventually I will have to retire my D700 and I will replace it with a new DSLR but untill then the Sony Alpha 7r is my new love! And I read the Alpha 7 II had an update and is faster. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one.

Below some images from my Fuerteventura trip: